Pros and Cons of Working at Home

Are you contemplating the idea of working at home?

Well, before you decide let’s take a look at….

The Pros & Cons of Working at Home.


  • You Don’t Need to Commute
  • You Have Time
  • Flexibility in Working Hours
  • Stress Reduced
  • Better Health
  • Break Time!
  • Your Family


  • Self-Discipline is Needed
  • You Have No Opportunity to Socialize & Can Feel Isolated
  • Decreased productivity.
  • Work Never Ends
  • You’re Sitting Forever
  • Too Many Distractions
  • The Cost to Set up For Home Office

Now let’s get into more details, shall we?

Working at home

Advantage 1 – You Don’t Need to Commute

You don’t spend ages travelling to your place of work and sitting in annoying traffic jams. As well as this you are not spending money on fuel or public transport to go to work which is a significant saving which comes right out of your pay.

You also don’t get surrounded by people who are tired, frustrated or stressed out. If you are using public transport, have you ever had to sit next to someone who you would rather not be interacting with?

Apart from that commuting is an incredible waste of human time. I mean we only have so many years to live so time is an incredibly important and finite resource.  Why spend it travelling to and from work. Visiting Bali for a beach holiday is travel time well spent – commuting is not.

Advantage 2 – You have Time

You don’t have to wake up so early just to get dressed and travel to work.  Instead of getting up to make yourself presentable to your boss and your workmates or to impress that cutie across the office, you can be a little more relaxed in the morning.  Yeah, you should still be brushing your teeth, but at least you’ll have time to cook a healthy breakfast, make a smoothie or whatever.

A much better alternative than grabbing a couple of slices of bread to stuff down and give you indigestion as you rush to catch the train.

By working at home you can get more sleep, when you wake up, you can go straight to work in your lovely office wearing your pyjamas. Actually that is an incredibly bad idea but you get my drift right?

Advantage 3 – Flexibility in working hours

You can choose your own working hours since you’re probably a freelancer or a business owner.

Many companies allow their remote employees to chose when they want to work. This means you can work when you feel most productive!

There are multiple benefits here. The boss will be happy because your work will be of a far better quality since you will actually be awake rather than pondering the commute back home later. You will be happier and less stressed. It’s a win-win and it’s getting more popular.

Advantage 4 – Stress Reduced

The feeling of your boss watching you from the back waiting for results and your coworkers distracting you or making loads noise while you’re concentrating on your work can be GONE.

In the long run, this will save your nerves as long as you can remain focussed and avoid the distractions at home like your wife getting dressed, your kids playing around or the cat demanding attention.

In the end, you still have to produce the output and with so many distractions around and you there at everyone’s beck and call at home, sometimes I find it hard.

Advantage 5 – Better Health

Because you’ll be getting more sleep and less stress as I’ve explained above, your health will be improved.

In addition, you can also spend time on your lunch instead of rushing to work with one piece of bread in your mouth, you also don’t get germs and bacteria from your coworkers.

You can also start exercising more in great weather rather than have to fit it in during the evening when it’s pouring with rain because that is the only time you can do it if you are working.

Or of course you’ll be off to the gym after work in which case no one at home will ever get to see you – maybe that’s a good thing for some people ha ha!

Advantage 6 – Break Time!

You can take a break anytime you want. Go out walking take a break from thinking about work, and enjoy your life a bit.

The only problem here is if you are spending all your day on breaks and none actually producing!

Advantage 7 – Your Family

When is the last time you actually spent a good amount of time with your family?

It could be your wife, dad, mom, kids or even your pets. This is a good chance of giving more of your time to your significant ones.

Well, there are a few advantages – what about the disadvantages then?

Disadvantage 1 – Self-Discipline is Needed

Since working at home will be so comfortable, you can also get too comfortable.

When you are too comfortable you might not do your work at all. You might say, I’ll go down and have a doughnut, then after that I’ll be back working.

But as soon as you finish your doughnut you might decide to wander downstairs, resenting to go back to your office. This cycle of events is very frequent for people who work at home. The result is you will lose all your productivity unless you can discipline yourself properly and that is mighty hard!

Disadvantage 2 – You Have No Opportunity to Socialize & Can Feel Isolated

Unless you have a family or a flatmate, you’ll probably feel isolated and detached from society in your home alone. You slowly become unsocial and lose the skills of social interaction.

The lack of social interactions can be really hard for some people and you have little opportunity to meet people of the other sex, or even your own sex.

These things can lead to other problems, such as you’ll not be able to effectively communicate to your team when you have to.

Disadvantage 3 – Decreased productivity.

You may be the type of person where, when there is no supervisor to keep on and on at you, you just won’t do your work.

This will lead you to a decrease in productivity where you may depend on it, like paying the rent this month. If you are workign for another company they will be monitoring your productivity anyway so you will stand the risk of getting laid off if you cannot maintain a professional level of productivity.

Disadvantage 4 – Work Never Ends

You can literally work from early morning until late at night. Since there is no-one looking over your shoulder enforcing strict hours you may feel tempted to work more and more.

This pressure to work endlessly may be compounded by the fact that you feel there are greater expectations made of you to prove yourself in this arrangement.

Moreover, the lack of physical separation between home and work may add to this pressure to work more.

With no social contact you may also feel that you might as well work as there is no one to talk to. Of course, if you have family this is less of a problem.

Disadvantage 5 – You’re Sitting Forever

When you’re working, mostly you’ll be sitting down in your comfy chair staring at your computer screen for a big amount of time.

Sitting down at a big amount of time is not good for your physical health and also staring at the computer all the time which is not healthy for your eyes at all.

The answer to this is, of course, to give yourself an exercise routine and ensure you get out of the house. Walking is a great form of exercise and you have the benefit of waiting for the rain to finish before you venture out as you have more flexibility with time.

Disadvantage 6 – Many Distractions

If you are not home alone, distractions from your family or flatmate can wreak havoc on your work productivity.

Children go to school five days a week, but still can be causing distraction 2 days a week (if you are working Saturday and Sunday).

School also have holidays which will mess you up big time. These problems can be overcome if you tell your kids or family to not disturb you, but good luck with that.

Your biggest problem will likely be your partner who will see you as constantly available. That might be a really hard problem to solve don;t you think?

Disadvantage 7 – The Cost to Set up For Home Office

Before you can actually work at your home, you will be needing a computer or a Laptop.  Depending on what you do there may be other things needed too.

These techs can be very pricey especially if you need some high specifications for your equipment.

If you don’t really travel, you should go for a computer where the screen is bigger or you can fit multiple screens to help you with your work.

If you are travelling you should go with a laptop since you can take it almost anywhere. The size and specs for your laptop will depend mostly on what work you need to do whilst out.

But all in all, they are not going to be provided for you especially when you are setting up your own business.


There are many pros and cons for working at home.  You should decide for yourself whether is it better for you or not.

If you end up deciding to work at home you should pay attention to these qualities:

  • Maintain a high personal self-discipline
  • Ensure you manage your time with efficiency
  • Ensure you motivate yourself and monitor your productive output as there will be no one pushing you; only yourself.
  • Try to enrol others at your home to be peaceful and quiet and minimise distractions.
  • Keep focused on your work
  • Accept the fact that you’ll be spending your time alone

Even with all of the downsides, I think you’ll like working at home. I do!

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