Pros and cons of school uniforms

Some schools make their students wear a uniform and some schools don’t. But what is the difference? Which is better? Is it really worth the money that we pay in order to buy uniforms? There are lots of questions to answer and there is even a debate about whether or not uniforms improve the performance of students behaviour generally or in class.

Pros and cons of school uniforms


  • Cut Back on Bullying
  • Break Down Class Barriers
  • Encourage Better Discipline
  • Reduce Distractions for Students
  • School Uniforms can be Cheaper than Similar Brand Items of Clothing
  • Make it Easier to Identify Students when a Class is Outside of Campus
  • Make it More Difficult to Skip School


  • School uniforms can be expensive to buy for some parents
  • May cause problems with students from other schools
  • Can make a bad reputation for the school if students are Unruly Outside School
  • Takes Away Students Ability to Express Their Individuality
School Uniforms Pros & Cons

Pros of School Uniforms

Cut Back on Bullying

Without school uniforms, the students can easily be judged about their economic privileges just by what they wear to school.  This will very likely cause some fights at school.

Kids that wear fancy clothes are often judged as a rich kid and often called by names such as “spoiled brat” and can be picked on. The counter to this is that some kids from more affluent families can afford to buy the “in thing” and thereby get social status from looking cool.

Kids who come from very poor families also face bullying borne of poverty where they will be picked on for wearing out of date clothes, may be handed down from elder siblings.

Harsh labels play a very big role in fights.  Bullies often use terrible names to pity other students and make them feel both unsafe and embarrassed.

We all know that bullying is a huge problem, bullying causes around 4,400 deaths every year.  Also, about 160,000 students that are victims of bullies avoid going to school every day.

It is clear that schools that have uniforms have fewer bullies than schools without uniforms.

Break Down Class Barriers

As mentioned above, students are easily judged by what they wear to school, this will stop some students from interacting with other students, this is called a class barrier.

One idea behind uniforms is that if all the students wear the same clothes, there will no longer be a class barrier, racism excluded here just to be clear because that is not the same thing as a class barrier although there is overlap.

When students don’t yet know each other, the class barrier can stopping them from getting to know each other as in society like attracts like.

Without the class barrier, the students can first get to know each other and then once they become friends they will know each other’s backgrounds and that won’t stop them from being friends because of the bond they created.

So, school uniforms can give your child more friends, most students become more confident when they have more friends, that’s a win/win situation!

Encourage Discipline

Most occupations have uniforms or dress codes.  If you break the dress code, you might lose your job.  A school uniform is like a uniform for practising discipline so that the students know what it’s like to work as a policeman, a doctor, a teacher etc.

However, unlike real life, you don’t have any risk of losing your job if you break the dress code but the students may be sent home to change into their uniform and be welcomed back in school.

This can really help the students out in the future whether they know it or not. They are resisted by students because young people want to differentiate themselves from their peers, think they are different from adults who were kids 20 or more years ago and are somehow unique as a group as well as distinguishing themselves within their age level.

They are not, of course, unique, that is the fallacy of youth. Their parents rebelled, loves, kissed, went through puberty and did what pubescent kids and later adults do, had sex and loved just the same as they do. Just as their parents once felt indestructible as young adults and have grown wiser with the unique perspective age brings, so will the youths of today. But hey, Carpe Diem!

Uniforms are also a reminder of a part of your identity.  Police have uniforms so that they can remind themselves that they are the police and so they know their duty.

A school uniform is the same, it reminds the students that they are in the place to learn and their duty is to pay attention to teachers and respect them as a teacher.

Reduce Distractions for Students

Uniforms can stop children from being distracted by each other’s clothes.  Even though clothes may be a conversation starter to make friends, students will miss half of the class admiring each other’s clothes. As uniforms are cut rather conservatively it can also lower the sexual teasing by dressing in clothes that make the wearing irresistibly attractive to the other, and increasing it seems, the same sex.

A uniform is the way to go, plus, uniforms can save time in the morning because the children don’t need to choose what to wear, they wear what they must wear.  Not only that, uniforms can prevent other distractions such as stress.

Stress can be caused when the students feel like they should’ve worn a better outfit to school, this usually happens more to females where fashion is a pseudo determiner.  Stress makes it extremely difficult to focus during class, so do your daughter a favour and take her to a school that has uniforms for students.

School Uniforms can be Cheaper than Similar Brand Items of Clothing

Most kids would like to wear fancy clothes and shoes to school, mostly to show them off.  This may lead to huge sums of payment because it’s very likely that students will ask their parents to buy unnecessary products such as Adidas Yeezy which costs about $220 per pair.

Some school uniforms cost much less than $220 so if your child or children go to a school with uniforms then the chance of your child asking for very expensive accessories and clothes will reduce tremendously. Hopefully at least!

Students are Easier to Spot when Outside of Campus

When you have a class outside of school or you’re on a school trip, if you get lost, you will be easier to find and regrouping will be a whole lot easier for everybody if you’re wearing the school’s uniform.

However, if you’re not wearing the school’s uniform then you will be almost impossible to find.  Take a school trip to a museum with other schools and other citizens as an example, once you break up, you are just lost.

Maybe you were to meet up at a certain place at a certain time and all of a sudden you have trouble getting to the meeting point on time.  Who will know where you went?

Let’s just not take the risk of having your children kidnapped, shall we? Quite why anyone would want to kidnap a school kid given their behaviour traits is difficult to fathom – oh yeah it’s sex again right?

Makes it More Difficult for the Students to Skip School

Most students consider skipping a certain class because attending the class is “lame” to them or they are absolutely not interested in the class at all.

Like I said above, a child wearing a school uniform is much easier to spot.  So, it makes it more difficult to disappear from school at 8 in the morning and reappearing at 4 pm because someone is very likely to spot them attempting to leave the school and stop them before they do so. Or at least spotting them sporting a school uniform around town, where inside school hours they would stand out like a sore thumb.

Of course, teenagers are incredibly resourceful, so if they did skip school they will have worked out how to most easily swap out of school uniform and blend in – aliens disguised in a foreign landscape of pretence.

However, if they are easier to spot, they might not even consider leaving the school at all.  That’s what a kid with a straight mind wouldn’t do; skip class.

It’s possible that they skip class for fun but all they’re doing is hurting themselves by losing the opportunity to learn something new and by getting caught coming back in the school just because they got lucky leaving the school without getting caught.


School Uniforms can be Expensive for Some Parents

Some parents spend their last penny on the school fees just so their children can be well educated an earn some good money when they grow up.  This makes school uniform hard to afford.

Because it’s a uniform, it consists of so many pieces of clothing such as a shirt, a tie, pants, shoes, socks etc.  As you can see, a uniform is basically a combination of clothes.

Not only that, some schools have uniforms for scouts, wrestling outfit and even sports uniforms.

So if your son wants to be a cheerleader, you’ve got two things to worry about, one of which is the cost of a cheerleader’s uniform!

May Cause Problems with Students from Other Schools

A uniform is like an indicator showing that you from a certain school.  This may cause fights with other schools because of certain reasons such as differing values, this means the students come from different backgrounds, were born with different privileges and have different views.

This may lead to arguments and most teenagers do not know how to deal with conflicts and end them, they think the best thing to do, is to start attacking each other physically.  This also applies to fight inside the same schools.  Once a student attacks another student from a different school, another student gets revenge and then they go in groups, attacking forth and back nonstop until the chain ends which can take a couple of lives before it does end.

Can Make a Bad Reputation of the School

When a student does something bad outside of school, it will be known that a student from “this school” is taught wrongly and so the school is to blame.

Taking the fights that I talked about in the points above, the school’s reputation will be affected.  This means many people might think twice about sending their children to your school.

Takes Away Students Ability to Express Their Individuality

This is possibly the biggest con from the point of view of the students. Ironically it is probably the very thing the uniform is there to repress and teachers can view this as a benefit.

It is actually not a benefit to education unless that reason can be offset somehow.

Kids are unique, well we are all unique actually. In order to develop our personality, we need to be able to express ourselves otherwise that part of our creative development is squashed. Part of our development from child to young adult is in the way we express ourselves outwardly.

We are already repressed sexually by the way society treats sexual expression and the act itself. This is actually a huge topic in itself and religion has a lot to answer for here.

Anyway, the point is that uniforms remove the ability to express our personalities in a way that society accepts. Kids will want to push boundaries, which of course adults are keen to stop, but it is the pushing of those very boundaries that develop a society, encourages inventions and develops humanity.

I think the short-sightedness of society in repressing its youth is a sad and self-harming behaviour.

Which brings me to masturbation. An entirely natural and necessary behaviour of a developing human that helps balance the imbalances that hormones induce, but so deeply frowned on to an extent that borders on hysteria by society.

A word that means – self-abuse, does it not – hardly a positive word. If it meant self-pleasure then that would be different. I am not sure we can redifine the word now since it is shrouded in secrecy and negativity.I think we should call it RELAXION – my new word for it. #relaxion ha ha.

The ironic thing here is that society is so hung up on it whilst engaged in self-abuse itself in its efforts to make teens conform and simultaneously repressing their individuality.

Somewhat ironic and hypocritical it seems to me!

Relaxion anybody?
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