Pros and Cons of Having a Dog

Before you think of having a dog, consider reading this article.  This article will show you the….

Pros and Cons of Having a Dog


  • Loyal
  • You’re Not Alone
  • Defence
  • Daily Walk


  • Expenses
  • Time Consumption
  • Cleaning
  • Travel problems


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Let’s go more in details.  When it comes to pros and cons of having a dog, most people only look at the advantages, therefore, let’s show the disadvantages first!


Disadvantage 1 – Expenses

You will need to buy food for them – healthy food, meat-heavy diet.  Meat is expensive ya know!

Vet bills are expensive, don’t underestimate them, buying a pet insurance can be helpful. If you feed them right you might actually lower some cost of the vet bills.

Not only food and vet bills, but some dogs also needs trimming or clipping, you’ll either need to do it yourself or pay a professional groomer which cost money.

Disadvantage 2 – Time Consumption

If you are working all day, this could be a problem.  No dog is happy to be left alone, they’ll need companionship.

This means that you will have to be available for the dog.  You’ll need to prepare their meals twice a day so they don’t starve to death.

Every day a dog also needs a walk, so you’ll also have to take them for a walk every evening.  If you do not hire a groomer you’ll also have to groom the dog.

You’ll also have to make the arrangement and drive to the vet which all in all, it takes so much of your time.

Disadvantage 3 – Cleaning

If you don’t like Poop which no one likes and you rather not be picking it up, then you might hire someone which cost money.

You’ll be running around picking dog poop up.  They are sometimes clumsy, which could turn your house into a mess.

If you actually get a big dog, be sure to have a lot of space of it since it’s big you will want a lot of space for it to mess around.

And there will be hair everywhere – if you thought your girlfriend’s hair is an issue this will be on a whole other level; you can keep it out of your shower though!

Disadvantage 4 – Travel problems

As I said, dogs need your attention, so without you at home…….Chaos.

The dog needs to be fed and stuff, they need to be taken care of.  If you want to go travelling you will need to pay extra for the dog to go with you or pay someone to stay with the dogs.

Not only this, you will start to miss the dogs. They become like children, just as much a pain in the behind at the same time you love them to pieces.

Thinking of travelling a lot the future? Then better to get one later when you are retired or settled down.

I think this can be a good Idea since no one actually comes to see you to give you company when you are old.

These disadvantages should not be ignored, they are important.  But what about the Advantages

Let’s take a look

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Advantage 1 – Loyal

They won’t betray you, they won’t judge you.  Your dog won’t care what bad things you have done

If those dogs are yours – tey will love you no matter what.  They will be there for you, do everything to make you happy.

So much better than people except that you can’t have sexual relations with them.

If you do then best go see a psychiatrist!

Advantage 2 – You’re Not Alone

If you feel isolated, alone; you won’t be.

A dog will sense you that you are down and they will come to you.  They will play with you, even if you don’t play with them much, they will be there for you, patiently waiting for you.

When you go out to work, they will be there waiting for you at the front door waiting for you to open the door.

Unfortunately, they are not much good at cooking or getting you a gin and tonic but hey, that’s life!

Advantage 3 – Defence

They will defend you from harm.  Bullies out there should be wary if their victim has a big dog, as their dog will destroy them – hooray! Oh, that’s not legal for some reason – sorry.

No matter where you go if the dog is around, they will do their best to defend you from any harm.

This strong love connection is really hard to find.  Be sure you keep them safe too!

Advantage 4 – Daily walk

This can also be an advantage.  This can help you exercise regularly which improves your health.  Think about it!

Walking in the park feeling the breeze and the wind blowing to you, your hands strap to your dog, walking around endlessly playing with it.  Just thinking about it, already gives me the thought of getting one.  But then there’s the whole poop thing going on. Sort of spoils the idyll.

But do beware that if you have a lot of things to do and don’t have time, this could cause you stress too.


You’ll need to be responsibile, which if you have kids, you can let them learn about responsibility too!

Let them do the walking or Grooming every day, keep them responsible.

For me, pros of the dogs just exceed the cons by far, if you are thinking of taking care of another living being which these cons doesn’t scare you, then do it, it’s going to be your new best friend.

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