Pros and Cons of Having a Cat

Thinking of sharing a home with a cat?

Well before taking any action on it maybe you should consider reading this list to see the pros and cons of having a cat.


  1. Low Maintenance
  2. All They Do is Sleep
  3. They are Warm and Furry
  4. They Bathe Themselves
  5. They’re Cute
  6. Entertaining
  7. Affectionate
  8. No Pest Problems


  1. Hairs Everywhere
  2. They Destroy Your Furniture
  3. Many People are Allergic to Them
  4. Claws
  5. They Don’t Listen
  6. Clean Up
  7. It Gives Orders
  8. Fleas
Cats Sleep All Day

Now we know them, let’s go into more details!

Advantage 1 – Low Maintenance

You don’t have to buy so many things for them, all you need is a litter box, food and water.  These things don’t cost that much.

Advantage 2 – All they do is Sleep

Unlike dogs, they don’t need much attention.  All they do is sleep anyway, you don’t even have to walk them around the park every day.  If they want to go out, they’ll go out themselves and do what they want.

Advantage 3 – They are Warm and Furry

Warm hugs from a cat are just awesome with there fury fur, they are just very nice to hug and touch.  You could sit and watch Tv with your cats in your hand and just keep yourself warm.

Advantage 4 – They Bathe Themselves

They clean themselves, you don’t have to waste your time trying to get them in your bath, you wouldn’t want to bathe for them anyway since they don’t really like water and if you do bathe for them be careful if it’s your first time.

Advantage 5 – They’re Cute

You can get a lot of attention from other people just because you have a cat since many people out there like cats.  Just seeing their wide eyes and their soft bellies already will be melting your heart.

Advantage 6 – Entertaining

They can be very entertaining! Are you bored and don’t know what to do in your free time? Well, go ahead and play with the cats.  Keep in mind that they sleep all the time though.  They also like to do something or try something that they haven’t done before and they

Advantage 7 – Affectionate

Cats don’t just like you because you feed them, you have to earn their trust and affections.  Cats will lie up which means they’re comfortable with you, but sometimes it is also a claw trap.  When cats are comfortable with you they are just so nice to be there and ready to play with you

Advantage 8 – No Pest Problems

Cats hunt little crawlers at night, they will take care of your pest problem for you.  I have a problem with cockroaches myself,  but my cats take care of them now.  I am a bit surprised at first since I didn’t know which I think it was very cool.

Cat’s Playfully Relaxing To Watch

There are many advantages but what about the disadvantage? Let’s continue with the disadvantage!

Disadvantage 1 – Hairs Everywhere

If you have a furry cat, their hair can be very annoying to clean since they shed a lot of hair and it also gets everywhere.  If you don’t really have time to clean your house then, this might be a problem.

Disadvantage 2 – They destroy your furniture

They like to scratch stuff, If you have a sofa then you better watch it.  My Chair downstairs in the kitchen is already starting to fall apart because of these cats.  So if you have a million dollar sofa, you better do something about this.

Disadvantage 3 – Many People are Allergic to Them

If you have a friend or your date coming to your house, do make sure they are not allergic to cats.  There are a large number of people that are allergic to cats.  I don’t really have this problem since we don’t really welcome anyone.

Disadvantage 4 – Claws

They don’t just scratch furniture, they also scratch people.  If you are doing something you don’t like it might scratch you.  So far, my cat didn’t scratch me yet, but that may be because I am so nice to them.

Disadvantage 5 –  They Don’t Listen

They don’t listen to you, they’ll do what they want to do.  I tried calling my cats to come to see me, but they never listen to me.  Cats have a will of their own, they don’t take orders!

Disadvantage 6 – Clean up

Changing the litter box is so disgusting.  If your cats are indoors, you’ll have to clean up their mess, not just cat pees and poos.  Sometimes cats like to vomit something that they just maybe ate.  Vomiting is just something they do.

Disadvantage 7 – It Gives Orders

When it wants to go outside or come inside of the house or want some food or water, they will meow for it.  When your door doesn’t actually have a cat-flap, it is very annoying to stand there to wait for the cat to decide if it wants to go out or in.  If you have no cat-flap, expect to be the doorman for them multiple times a day.

Disadvantage 8 – Fleas

Cats can catch them easily but it can be hard and expensive to get rid of them.  If you don’t really have money to spend on cats, this can be a problem for you.


Cats, they make you warm.  They are relatively independent, they keep themselves clean, and get rids of pests, and also can help to reduce stress.  It is up to you to decide whether it is worth it to get a cat, for me I think It is worth it.
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