Pros and Cons of Google Chrome

What browser are you using? People use browsers every day.  It could be watching YouTube or getting on social media, or downloading stuff.

The common thing between all this is that they are using a browser to do all this.

There are many browsers out there, it could be Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Etc.
Today, we are going to focus on one of the best browsers, “Google Chrome.”

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Google Chrome


  • Fast
  • Simple and Basic
  • Customizable
  • Lots of Extensions Available
  • Sync to Multiple Computers
  • Developer tools
  • Incognito Mode for Private Browsing


  • A Lot of Memory (Ram) Usage
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Tab Memory Between Work Sessions
  • A Monopoly Over Competitors
What Are the Pros & Cons of Google Chrome

Now, we know the pros and the cons, we shall go into more details!

Advantage 1 – Fast

Google Chrome is the fastest browser alive! In most cases though, you don’t really see much noticeable difference in loading times when comparing to other browsers, unless you are using the super crap one which probably is full with viruses and other shits.

Because of the multiprocess foundation, one slow site on your tab won’t slow down the rest of your browsing. You can easily just switch to another tab or window.

Overall, Google Chrome just performs better, though Microsoft Edge is trying to compete on the speed at least.

To me, Speed is very important, so this is one the main reason that I use Google Chrome.

Advantage 2 – Simple and Basic

This, mostly is up to you, but I’m not really the kind of guy where every single feature has to be shown in a bar or something.

Google Chrome doesn’t really show anything else other than the site you’re visiting and the address bar at the top with icons on the right.

One of the functions that Google Chrome have, which I found very useful is The bookmark bar (you’ll have to enable this feature in the settings).

Other useful tools can also be enabled in the settings tab

Advantage 3 – Customizable

Google Chrome lets you upload your own theme to Google Chrome itself, with the help of Extensions, you can create your own custom theme easily and upload and enable it to Google Chrome via the Settings tab. So you can have that foxy chic looking at you all day – yeah!

You can also download themes that other people made already.

To do this all you have to do is head to the Extension tab and search for the theme you want.

You can also customize how your bookmark bar looks and also which extension to show and other cool stuff.

Advantage 4 – Extensions

Extensions are very useful and there are many free ones to use for many purposes. You can get to these all in one place which is the Extension tab.

Plugins are also included in the extensions. With this, you can easily make your life easier on Google Chrome by using extensions.

Some I like are the like photo snipping extension where you can easily snip a photo on the website you are on and a grammar extension where it helps you correct misspelt words or words that are incorrect in some way.

Advantage 5 – Sync

By syncing it with your email you could easily just switch to a new pc and sync the settings from the old one to the new ones.

The bookmark will also be synced too which saves a lot of time and is a very useful thing when switching to a brand new pc or using Google Chrome from the Phone.

It’s also very handy when you are travelling where you dust off your laptop that hasn’t been used for a while. You can sync up all the extensions and stuff you added on your desktop and they are seamlessly downloaded to your chrome browser when you login on your laptop.

That is a super helpful feature fo Chrome.

Advantage 6 – Developer tools

You can view elements of the website you visit which is very helpful when you are a blogger or you’re making a website of some sort.

There are also others tools which could help you.

To be fair many, actually most of the other browsers let you do this but Chrome just seems to work better for me – Firefox is about on par though.

Advantage 7 – Incognito

Many people use this feature so that Google doesn’t save what you do in it, pretty much a private browser which you can use alongside with normal windows without a problem.

This feature is being used to hide what you search and stuff. Keep in mind that this doesn’t block the government of the internet provides the ability to see what you are searching for.

In the other words, it hides what you search and stuff from people that share your computer. Many people use this to hide things that they search for like Porn. Tsk – who need it, flesh is better!

Now, let’s go to the cons of Google Chrome

Disadvantage 1 – A lot of Ram Usage

Because Google Chrome running everything separately so that if one thing crashes it doesn’t crash the whole browser.

The downside of this is it leads to so much Ram Usage in a computer.

Google Chrome uses around 1 GB or more which really depends on what you’re opening and stuff. This is a big problem for computers that have low Ram which can totally create performance issues.

But for computers with Ram more than 8 GB.  I think that this won’t actually be a problem unless you are disorganised and never close tabs (my Dad is the epitome of that), or a Power User who actually needs a lot of tabs open to work (my Dad likes to think he’s this).

Disadvantage 2 – Privacy Concern

Google has the ability to access your data and track you. This information could be used against you or to get an advantage for something.

Let’s say you search for Phone on Google, the next you get is ads everywhere about phones. Also, Google clearly reads your email so the romantic private sexy moments you are sharing with your girlfriend are being watched by WHO exactly?

How do I know this, well go book a flight and Google will be reminding you about it coming up – how do they know? You might think the browser tracked you – which it probably did, but book with Firefox and they still know. The only other place they can get that from is email, right?

Well something’ s up there but I am sure I clicked something one day out of the million things you click daily, which gave them permission. I guess I get free email though. I prostitute my privacy for email – wow that sucks!

Disadvantage 3 – Keeps all tabs problem

If you enabled the Keeps all tabs feature where it keeps all the tabs you have open when you exit, when you open Chrome again they will be there.

The problem is, if there is any pop-up, it could be a problem since Google Chrome only keeps the tabs from the last window you shut. So if you shut the window where you have a whole load of tabs you want to keep then find out that there is another window open but hidden.

In this case, the last open window would be the one you didn’t want and your tabs are lost.  Actually not exactly lost as you can recover them from History which would be fine except they are listed with all the others by date of opening. So finding that tab that has been open between sessions for a month will not be so easy.

Disadvantage 4 – No Competitors

Google is already the dominant browser of the internet and getting more dominant. Microsoft has made some impact with the Edge browser which is good for a lot of people.  However, this is really monopolistic behaviour which can lead the competitors to give up when that happens.

There won’t be many good choices of the browsers which for some user that don’t like Google Chrome will be a problem.

When this happens Google Chrome can pretty much do anything.  Who knows what they will do because users will by then have no choice. The pros and cons of monopolies!


There are many pros and most of the cons can be avoided if you take the trouble, apart from your privacy. The thing is the bribe to get you to use the products is that they are so useful and handy so you are prepared to give up something to get them. The issue for me is that it is not transparent what you are giving up when you click OK. That is how malware gets onto your computer.

This is something deserving of protection by laws. Instead, governments are working out how they can benefit from the internet or drafting absurd laws like GDPR which is clearly written by people who have no expertise in the industry.

Google Chrome is worth a try. Personally, I use Google Chrome and I have no problem at all.

It is simple and easy to use.

I also like the download manager and how the download pops up below too, modern and neat.

Edge still needs work but might be a close competitor and also might be worth trying. If you have a sexy girlfriend sending you stuff then you might try Firefox – it’s more private!
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