Pros and Cons of Facebook

If you are seeing this, pretty much you probably know what social media is.
Social media refers to websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking

One type of social media is Facebook. Facebook is also considered a social network.
A social network is the creation and maintenance of personal and business relationships especially online, which is different from social media.

Now we know Facebook is, let’s look at the ….

Pros and Cons of Facebook.

1. Simple to Set Up & Use
2. Helps You Keep in Touch
3. Lets You Share Your Life
4. Businesses Can Promote Their Products
5. Platform for Educational Resources
6. It is Free For the User

1. Susceptible to Large-Scale Privacy Leaks
2. Addictive Qualities Negative to Users
3. Bullies Can Use it To Victimise People with a Wide Spread
4. It Can be Anti-Social
5. Fake Profiles Can Lure the Unwary
6. Frequent Ads Can be Tiresome & Encourage Spending

Facebook is a fantastic invention, but at the same time though, it’s also dangerous for young people to be on social media.

Pros & Cons of Social Media & Facebook

Let’s go into more details in the pros and cons of Facebook.


Advantage 1 – Simple to Set Up & Use

It is very simple to set up an account and get started on Facebook.

The layout and style are simple which makes it easy to navigate or find what you want.

It gets harder when you go into more complicated stuff like setting up a business or setting up an ad.

Even so there are still many videos out there that will help you with just about every aspect of setting up Facebook.

Overall, Facebook is Simple to set up and very simple to use.

Advantage 2 – Helps You Keep in Touch

You can literally text someone you know and they will get the message in seconds.

Even if someone you know is far away, maybe in another country they will still get their message in seconds as long as they are online. Otherwise, they will get the notification that there is a message waiting when they come back online.

So you still have to be aware of the time. If someone you know is in another location they may be asleep and therefore won’t actually reply to you in seconds.

For them, it may be in the middle of the day when they’re working and so they can’t reply to you.

Even though its fast, you still might find it hard to actually text someone far away, but other than that, Facebook makes it so much easier for you to keep in touch with your friends.

The best thing is, you can call them or even facetime (Video call) and all for free (except for charges by your internet provider).

Advantage 3 – Lets You Share Your Life

The timeline on Facebook lets you post stuff to let your friends know what you’re up to.

Let’s say you are going to Ed Sheeran’s concert and you want to brag about it, you can easily do that by posting on your timeline so that everyone can see and feel so jealous about it.

You don’t have to post about awesome all the time. You can post anything you want but keep in mind that everyone can see it unless you change privacy settings.

Advantage 4 – Businesses Can Promote Their Products

Many people use Facebook to help with their business. It could be ads or posts that are spread across Facebook by Facebook itself in the way of paid placements or it could be spread by natural sharing.

When people share it, the post will show on your timeline which people from your friends can see it, and if they share it, it will go on their timeline which means that it will be spread across Facebook.

However, Facebook has practically destroyed this functionality by heavily restricting how many of the people connected to you actually see what you write without searching for it.

The reason is that Facebook wants businesses to buy ads so they can make money. The effect is that most of your friends won’t see most of what you post.  What’s the point one has to ask!

All of this helps businesses willing to pay by increasing the chance of people seeing your business which they might be interested in buying or using.

It also helps people keeping informed with updates on new promotions or products.

Advantage 5 – Platform for Educational Resources

On Facebook, you can easily set up a Group into which you can invite everyone from school, say, assuming they use Facebook, which is very likely. Marketers selling Online courses and other groups can be set up to provide a forum for discussion focussed on their one product or topic.

In the case of school, students are helped as they can easily share content that could help with their studies. You can also invite teachers in it and ask them questions when you’re doing homework and you need help.

Facebook makes it easier to communicate or share things that might help people you know.

Advantage 6 – It is Free for the User

The thing about Facebook is that it’s Free, you don’t have to pay a penny to set up an account or download the app for your phone.

It is NOT free for advertisers though. If they are smart they will test their advertising to see if it is effective. Being a technical solution, it is easy to track results using cookies and tracking codes in advertisements to show how many people clicked and Facebook will also report how many times your ad is shown. So you can get a lot of information from the results if properly set up.

Now, we know enough about the good things about it now, but what about the bad things – let’s see them all!

Facebook for Business
Facebook for Business


Disadvantage 1 – Susceptible to Large-Scale Privacy Leaks

On Facebook, Everything you share is public unless you set to otherwise. Even if you don’t share anything, your friends can still tag you or post photos about you on Facebook. So you might find the worst moment on your timeline later or something that your friends don’t know that you don’t want to let people know about. You need to set up your Facebook properly and make sure you consider what you share online and who you share with.

Disadvantage 2 – Addictive Qualities Negative to Users

There are so many people out there who are wasting so much of there time on Facebook when they could be doing something else.

I too have found it very addictive to just scrolling down Facebook seeing posts that people post or new cartoons that came out or news that just came out.

The thing is that you’re up there scrolling down on Facebook for hours instead of doing some other things that are way more useful or actually talking to real people.

It helps you when you’re bored though when you don’t know what to do. Wasting time on Facebook might be a good thing from time to time, but if gets too much it isn’t good.

What am I saying here – wasting time is NEVER good. It’s Ok to keep up to date with people, making arrangements and so on but there is not much use in wasting time. Better to decide on learning something new, read a book or go see your girlfriend (or boyfriend whatever).

Disadvantage 3 – Bullies Can Use it to Victimise People Online with a Wide Spread

There are many mean kids out there who are bullying other kids, but it is not only happening in your everyday life or at school, it can also be on Facebook.

This happens by hurting other people with words or annoying them by spamming. The old adage, “Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”, sadly is just not true for some people when their reputation is so gravely damaged.

Facebook though has a function to block someone that is bullying you, so if anyone is bullying you be sure to block them.

This does not stop the spread of hate reaching other people quickly. There have been cases where a sexual assault on a schoolgirl by several boys was uploaded and shared on Facebook. Because so many people saw it, the effect on the girl was devastating. So much so it led to her death.

This is a terrible effect of Social Media which can destroy people without immediate consequence to the abuser. Laws and regulations need to be strengthened to counter this trend.

Disadvantage 4 – It Can be Anti-Social

People who are afraid or scared of face-to-face conversations can be using Facebook as a replacement but then they will never learn and when the time comes, it will be a big problem to confront someone.

This can hurt social development and isolate people.

Worse still, you can sit in a restaurant and look at the diners. I bet you’ll see about half sitting with their companion with their respective noses buried in their phones. How did this behaviour ever become acceptable? It is so rude and yet so very common.

Then there are people who walk along the pavement oblivious to others while they click and like. Everyone else has to move out of their way. I hope they walk into a hole!

Disadvantage 5 – Fake profiles Can Lure the Unwary

Since it is very easy to set up an account and stuff, many people can set up an account with fake names and stuff.

With this people can stalk someone or damage their reputation somehow.

It can also be used to trick people to meet up somewhere then later get into dangerous situations. This is a particular problem for young people who may not be wise enough to realise the danger they are putting themselves in.

Disadvantage 6 – Frequent Ads Can be Tiresome & Encourage Spending

Ads can be a pro for business owner because they can put up their own ads to help for their business, but for normal people, it can be very annoying to see ads while scrolling down or looking at something.

These ads can sometimes limit your overall experience on Facebook.

Facebook can also gather information of what you like and target you with the adverts that you might be interesting. For sure YOU are Facebook’s product so control what you give them.


Facebook can be dangerous but if used right, with proper care it can be very helpful or a powerful tool for you.

If you have kids on Facebook you should be making sure they are using it properly – good luck with that because kids are very resourceful.

Parents should be very careful, it could cause a big problem for you.

There is third-party software that could help you with this but kids can get around pretty much all of it.

Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to care anymore, you still need to be sure what your kids are up to.
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