Pros and Cons of Deforestation

Deforestation is the cutting down of forests but we humans are doing it too much, humans are rapidly cutting down trees from our planet.

Space and materials used from this are very beneficial to humans but also have consequences of destroying nature.

These are the Pros & Cons of Deforestation

• More Space for Expansions
• Materials for Producing
• Jobs Opportunity
• Revenue
• Discovery

• Increase in Carbon Dioxide
• Limited Resources
• Extinction
• Flooding
• Climate Change

Let’s go into more details in these things.

Deforestation Destroys the World for Greed

Advantage 1 – More Space for Expansions

From deforestation, you get more and more space to expand. These areas can be used for buildings, houses or things like improving the road systems.

Today, the world’s population is growing fast and space will become very important one day.

This means that we are removing forest to be used as a habitat for humans – we are animals after all just like the lions, tigers, dodo and dinosaurs.

Since we have more space we can also grow more crops. This means that food output can be increased.

When a forest is destroyed, you might be able to find areas which you can start mining or extracting oil and gas for humans to use.

Advantage 2 – Materials for Producing

We get woods from trees, these things can be turned into good use like papers and many other necessities.

Since we get more land from deforestation, you’ll be using materials to build houses and many other types of building.

All in all, humans extract natural resources from deforestation, which can be used to benefit businesses and industries – and make PROFIT.

Advantage 3 – More Jobs Opportunity

To be cutting trees down, we need someone to do it right?

Even if we use machines to help us, there still got to be somebody operating it right?

No one will do it for free though. This means that many people, even those who can’t get a job, might be able to do this job for a living. After workers clear out some space, they might decide to set up a farm and start doing that for a living instead too.

Or, perhaps society could take responsibility for finding meaningful; work?

Advantage 4 – Revenue

Governments around the worlds get their revenue from deforestations which helps stimulate many economies.

The materials from the deforestation can be sold by the government to others. Revenue can also be produced from the mines, oil and gas extractions in deforested.

This is a great way to make up for budget deficits so as to give people things the country cannot afford and keep the politicians in power – oh cynical me!

Advantage 5 – Discovery

When deforesting a forest you might find new species of animal or plants that haven’t been discovered yet. New plants that can be made into medicines can also be discovered which may be used to heal new diseases or the existing one.

Plants that have diseases can also be destroyed, or new diseases can also be discovered.

Now we know the good stuff, let’s look at the bad stuff from deforestation.

Deforestation Destruction of Trees

Disadvantage 1 – Carbon Dioxide Level Increases

Plants and Trees filter carbon dioxide gases out and release Oxygen to the air in the process of photosynthesis.

If plants continue to be destroyed, we people will find it harder to breathe since there won’t be much oxygen in the atmosphere.

This may also lead to extinction to many species in the world.

Disadvantage 2 – Limited Resources

The materials we get from deforestation are limited since there are only a number of trees in this world.

If deforestation keeps on going, there will be no trees left and the important materials from the forest will be gone.

At least there are some tree planting programs going on but the number of good people doing good things always seems to be outnumbered by bad people doing bad things.  What IS the law for?

Disadvantage 3 – Extinction

When deforestation happens, the animals that use the environment in the forest lose there home. This means that we are also destroying animals habitat.

Some animal can become more endangered which may affect the food chain. If this keeps going, the meat from those animals may not be available because they eventually become extinct.

Which could also cause us to extinct or worse still vegetarian!!

Disadvantage 4 – Flooding

Trees absorb water underground and make use of it which in the end will be dispersed back to the atmosphere.

That means that if it rains and there are no plants absorbing the water, eventually we will be living underwater which eventually we become extinct.

It is also possible that if there are no trees, the land might turn into a dessert in the end.

Disadvantage 5 – Climate Change

Drought is one of the environmental condition that we humans can’t control. It can be caused by human activities.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will not decrease which can increase the heat of our planet which leads to many other disasters.

As we all know, the plants use carbon dioxide to breathe like we use oxygen to breathe.

Plants also disperse the water back up to the atmosphere, which if the plant were to be destroyed, there might not be any rain for us anymore which leads to the world being deserted.


These pros and cons are pretty clear.  If we don’t start planting more trees, this could be a very big problem in a long term.  For many people, deforestation is important but will have an extremely negative effect on the environment we are living in.  We need to do something before its too late.

I think that if the world population help each other plant a tree each, it will start making a difference to the number of trees out there.

Humans have to start evolving and make changes to the world.

Your life might not be affected by this but don’t you care about your kids?

For me, I think that leaving such a problem for our future kids is unacceptable for a human being.

Deforestation has to be controlled to not be overused. Responsible management can preserve our rainforests while offering revenue opportunities at the same time. This should be our focus.

Based on the pros and cons that are listed above, what are your thoughts about deforestation?
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